Experience and Leadership

  • SeatedOur trainers are active public participation practitioners with  experience in the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors.

  • All three of our trainers have been licensed by IAP2 since 2005 and have delivered the IAP2 Foundations program to hundreds of participants from coast to coast.

  • Our experience is recognized by our peers and we have been elected to leadership roles at the international (IAP2.org), national (IAP2Canada.ca) and regional (IAP2WildRose.org) levels of IAP2.


  • Our two-trainer model gives participants exposure to more experience.
  • Pre-course surveys allow trainers to customize material and maximize the experience for our students.
  • Each participant qualifies for one hour of post-training coaching (per course) from one of the trainers.
  • You may qualify for a group discount. Contact us.

CTC - Celebrating 10 Years of Training Excellence!

Jan portraitAfter taking the IAP2 Certificate program, I recognized its value in helping others understand the benefits of designing and delivering authentic public engagement.  Being a trainer is very rewarding, and I continue to learn something new from students in every course!”

Gay Robinson“I get energized by helping participants see how they can make their public participation activities more meaningful and productive.  I also love to hear about all the innovative ways participants are engaging stakeholders across Canada.”

Gale Portrait“Sharing my experiences and spreading the word about why public engagement must be meaningful has been a great gift to me.  I have always enjoyed mentoring and coaching others who enjoy this work as much as I do, and training has given me so many unique opportuities to do that.”