IAP2: Strategies for Dealing with Opposition & Outrage in P2


This course brings together the collective knowledge and experience of outrage management as taught by Dr. Peter Sandman, and public participation as practiced by IAP2. The course is highly interactive and uses a range of methods including: case studies, video clips, tools and techniques used in public participation, time for personal reflection, group discussion, and application of strategies.This 2-day course will help you to build your skills for dealing with opposition and outrage by demonstrating:


  • a new way to think about and analyze outrage
  • how and why certain common factors contribute to outrage
  • the link between public participation and outrage management
  • six strategies for assessing, addressing and managing outrage
  • how to apply the principles & strategies as you develop your P2 approach

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What our participants are saying...

Excellent content. The 12 categories and the 6 strategies are incredibly useful. The quotes on the boards and in the manual are also excellent and purposeful.

~May 2018

The size of the group was just right, allowing for dialogue with not too much time being consumed in listening to each group's responses. I liked the case studies to work on, and role playing is always a useful technique.

~May 2018

The IAP2 Opposition and Outrage course is a must have for anyone who is involved in public engagement. It is an excellent learning opportunity to become a well-rounded and effective P2 practitioner.

~November 2017

This was one of the most enjoyable courses I’ve ever taken. The group could not have been better. I learned so much from the group discussions and Gale. I left feeling very excited for my next engagement event and empowered to be doing what we do. So, thank you so very much for that.

~November 2017

I would recommend this 2-day course to anyone who deals in public relations. The tools learned here are very transferable and will help you attain perspective from the other side of an argument. Gale teaches this course with an easy-going nature, while also being able to strategize exactly how to give us everything we need. She is an inspiring facilitator to learn from and work alongside and you will gain so much knowledge and confidence in dealing with high emotion and high outrage situations in the future.

~November 2017

I liked the interactive components and activities. It was great to hear stories of others in the room and their experiences. I enjoyed that Gale didn't just read out of the book verbatim and it will be a good resource to go back to for further information.

~November 2017


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