IAP2: Foundations in Public Participation

Training Today's Practitioners for Tomorrow's Challenges

The landscape of public participation is changing and a proven framework for public participation has never been more essential!  People want and need to be involved as decisions are made.  Those of us managing public participation processes must ensure that it happens in a respectful, positive, and effective way that creates the best possible outcomes for all concerned. 

IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation is the preferred training for public participation programs across industries, governments and the not-for-profit sector. (More about the IAP2 Federation)

Foundations in Public Participation is a professional development program designed with the input of successful practitioners who work with diverse populations and divergent circumstances throughout the world.  This program is divided into two modules, each focusing on one of the two major phases of public participation – planning and techniques.

This program will let you hit the ground running – armed with the knowledge and confidence you need to plan and execute effective initiatives for any area in which you may be working.  Upon completion of both modules, participants will receive a certificate of completion from IAP2. 


Planning for Effective P2

This is the first module of the Foundations program and runs for 3 days. 

 A major reason that initiatives fail to reach their goals is inadequate preparation.  The planning module provides you with a proven structure for developing a public participation plan that will fit any size of project.  Participants will learn the importance of defining a project scope, setting clear objectives, delivering a promise to the public, and determining the appropriate level of public participation. In addition, the course will cover how every public participation initiative must be accompanied by a communications strategy and evaluation plan.  

*NOTE: Planning for Effective P2 is a prerequisite for Techniques for Effective P2


Techniques for Effective P2

This is the second module of the Foundations program and runs for 2 days.  

Once you have completed the planning course, you are ready to add 50+ practical tools and methodologies to your public participation toolkit.  This course provides an introduction to a range of practical tools and techniques, including which are appropriate to use at all five levels of IAP2's Public Participation Spectrum.  In addition, participants will have an opportunity to try out or observe a number of specific techniques including World Cafe, Interviews, Card Storming, Revolving Conversation, and more.  You'll leave with a wealth of reference materials, IAP2 tip sheets, and a process to pick the appropriate techniques to meet your objectives. 

Planning for Effective P2 - NOW ONLINE FOR A LIMITED TIME

CTC has been granted permission from IAP2 Canada to offer the  Planning for Effective Public Participation module as an on-line course while physical distancing is required due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Please note that the online course will be scheduled differently from face-to-face. This virtual course will be offered in nine, two hour segments with multiple sessions over the full 5-day week. Sessions will run both in the morning and in the afternoon. 

Participants will be given a small group to work in and given assignments that they need to complete throughout the week together. Participants will need to coordinate themselves and find time on their own to do this. There will also be individual readings/assignments - to be completed before or in-between virtual sessions. 

What our participants are saying...

I found the discussion about the preparation for P2 planning particularly useful - considering the number of steps required before planning and implementing a process was a very helpful piece. I also liked the metrics for determining the level of P2 - while we might land on it intuitively, many of the technical staff we work with would value the idea of a metric.

~February 2019

I really enjoyed the sessions on techniques and learning some new ideas on how to engage with the public in ways I had not previously considered. The handout of all the digital online engagement tools is also really timely because we are in the process of looking into these sorts of options. 

~February 2019

A great course with excellent instructors. Very worthwhile, applicable, and useful for my practice. Thank you!

~June 2018

There was a number of new or innovative techniques I learned that I will definitely be able to bring back to my organization. Along with the information itself, a key takeaway for me was the value of being able to talk through different P2 situations with other P2 practitioners to offer a varied perspective on P2 issues.

~April 2018

I liked how a variety of different engagement techniques were used during the week (demonstrated how they could be used in the future). I think that you guys did a great job in "tweaking" the structure each time you heard back from the participants (i.e. doing more activities when you heard we wanted more hands-on learning).

~April 2018

I really enjoyed the case studies that were used for multiple activities/throughout the day(s). It was helpful to dig deep into one example.

~March 2018

The ability to practice the concepts in small groups is very helpful to my learning. The worksheets were excellent. The room and food were amazing! There was such a great group in the room, it was fantastic to learn from each other. The worksheets were great. The case studies were very helpful.

~March 2018

Thanks again for a wonderful week of learning, friendship and fun. The design of the workshop showed a great attention to function and form – and it was probably the best training I have ever received. I’m back at my desk now, wishing the whole thing could just start again!" 

~June 2016