IAP2: P2 for Senior Executives/Decision Makers


Do you want your senior administrators to know more about why public participation is important to your organization? This course focuses on the public participation foundations from a decision maker’s point of view. It examines the costs and benefits of public participation, discusses when and when not to involve the public in an organizational decision, and emphasizes the importance of both the decision being made and the promise to the public. Finally, the session provides an overview of what the decision maker should know about the role of the public participation practitioner.

*NOTE: Available as in-house training only. 

What our participants are saying...

It was GREAT that you both had so much experience working with and within the government environment.  Made a huge difference – the presentation could have been very generic, but it was clear you understood the political aspects of the engagement framework within government, and your examples were very helpful.

~March 2018

The trainers know this field inside and out and that experience permeated the entire course. That said, group practice proved to be especially helpful.

~March 2018

The formal introduction to P2; specifically, the critical components of P2 and the IAP2 spectrum. I know we have touched on it before, but it was good to hear about it from a subject matter expert.

~April 2017