IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter

Supporting the Practitioners of the Future

CTC and the IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter joined forces last year to sponsor a student’s participation in the IAP2 Planning for Effective Public Participation course.  Our student participant was Megan Mucignat who is in the Master of Planning program at the University of Calgary’s faculty of Environmental Design.  Megan has recently returned from a semester in Melbourne, Australia, so we checked in with her to see how she has used her IAP2 training

First Ever IAP2 Wild Rose Student Sponsorship!

The CTC is pleased to be collaborating with IAP2 Wild Rose in sponsoring a student to attend our IAP2 Planning for Effective Public Participation Course from June 15-17, 2015 in Calgary. This intensive three-day module, the first in the IAP2 Foundations series, provides a proven structure for developing a public participation plan that will fit any size of project.

CTC Partners Honoured with Terry Koch Award

Gale, Jan and Gay accepting the Terry Koch AwardCTC partners – Jan, Gay and Gale – were literally gobsmacked! (def. completely dumbfounded, shocked.