Assessing On-line Engagement Tools

We are finding that more and more of our projects need to include on-line engagement.  There are so many tools available that it is sometimes difficult to figure out which one is best for a specific project. The IAP2 Foundations manuals outline what to consider when selecting techniques – and provide a helpful worksheet.  But the manuals don’t address the specific factors to consider when picking an online tool – things such as:

IAP2 North American Conference 2016

The IAP2 North American Conference in Montreal in September provided lots of opportunities for learning and networking.

The CTC trainers were all in attendance. In addition to attending some fantastic sessions, we got to catch up with some very dear friends!

Can’t wait for the next conference in Denver from September 6 – 8, 2017.

 IAP2 NA Conference in Montreal 2016



Techniques in Action

We love to hear from our past training participants – especially when they have tried a new technique.

Mark Busse (HCMA Architecture + Design, Vancouver) recently used a Socratic Circle to gather input on a land use planning project.  Here is what Mark had to say about the technique:

IAP2 Training – First Step to Professional Certification

Did you know that completion of the IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation training program is your first step in becoming a Certified Public Participation Professional?

Coaching – Bringing the Material Alive

As a value-added service, each of our  training participants qualify for post-training coaching from any one of the CTC trainers.  We believe that coaching supports application of the course material and on-going learning.  We received confirmation of this recently in an email from training participant Kathryn Pollack,

Supporting the Practitioners of the Future

CTC and the IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter joined forces last year to sponsor a student’s participation in the IAP2 Planning for Effective Public Participation course.  Our student participant was Megan Mucignat who is in the Master of Planning program at the University of Calgary’s faculty of Environmental Design.  Megan has recently returned from a semester in Melbourne, Australia, so we checked in with her to see how she has used her IAP2 training

IAP2 Re-vamping Certificate Program

IAP2 is in the process of revising and refreshing the Certificate Training Program and as a mid-point check-in, Licensed Trainers were invited to attend a meeting in Los Angeles in June to review the proposed changes and provide input.  Gale and Jan attended the 3 day meeting with 14 colleagues from USA and Australia.  Currently, the expectation is that the new courses will be available early in 2014, with the existing courses phased out by March 31.

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  • CTC Partners Honoured with Terry Koch Award

    Gale, Jan and Gay accepting the Terry Koch AwardCTC partners – Jan, Gay and Gale – were literally gobsmacked! (def. completely dumbfounded, shocked.