Assessing On-line Engagement Tools

We are finding that more and more of our projects need to include on-line engagement.  There are so many tools available that it is sometimes difficult to figure out which one is best for a specific project. The IAP2 Foundations manuals outline what to consider when selecting techniques – and provide a helpful worksheet.  But the manuals don’t address the specific factors to consider when picking an online tool – things such as:

  • Where is the data stored?
  • Is the tool mobile-friendly? And
  • Does the tool meet accessibility standards?

To help with selecting an appropriate on-line tool, the CTC has developed an On-line Engagement Tool Assessment Worksheet.  Check it out here (link to worksheet).  If you have ideas for other things to consider when selecting on-line tools, let us know.

And if you want some ideas on what’s available for on-line engagement, Community Matters has put together a list of “50 Tools for Online Public Engagement” (link